10 new looks to create from old sarees

10 new looks to create from old sarees

Kavitha Rao

Transforming old sarees into new and fashionable looks can be a fun and creative project. Here are ten ideas to help you create fresh looks from old sarees:

  1. Convert it into a Lehenga: Cut the saree to create a skirt and pair it with a contrasting blouse. Add a decorative waistband or belt to complete the look. 

 Make a Kurti: Use the saree's fabric to design a stylish kurti. Combine it with solid-colored bottoms like leggings or palazzos for a trendy outfit.

Fashion a Maxi Dress: Transform the saree into a flowy maxi dress. Use the pallu as a halter neck or drape it artistically as an overlay.

Craft a Cape or Jacket: Cut the saree into pieces and create a cape or a jacket. You can add embroidery, sequins, or other embellishments for added elegance.

Design a Anarkali Suit: Repurpose the saree by stitching it into a beautiful Anarkali suit. The flare of the saree fabric will give the outfit a unique touch.

Create a Skirt: Use the saree's fabric to craft a flared or pleated skirt. Pair it with a matching or contrasting top for a fashionable ensemble.

Craft a Wrap-around Skirt: Turn the saree into a wrap-around skirt by stitching a waistband and adding ties or buttons for closure. This versatile piece can be styled in various ways.

Make a Scarf or Dupatta: Cut the saree into a long rectangular shape to create a stylish scarf or dupatta. You can use it to accessorize different outfits.

Fashion a Palazzo Pants Set: Transform the saree into palazzo pants and pair it with a matching or contrasting top. This comfortable and trendyoutfit can be worn for various occasions.

 Create a Patchwork Quilt: If you have multiple old sarees, you can cut them into patches and sew them together to make a colorful and unique patchwork quilt or bedspread.


Remember, when repurposing old sarees, pay attention to the fabric, design, and color combinations to ensure the final outcome looks stylish and cohesive.


01 Jun