Team US


Co-Founder and CEO

Creative and Passionate

As somebody who strongly believes that when a woman wears her dream outfit, her mood, feelings, and confidence are greatly enhanced, Kavitha always wanted to help women look good and beautiful. When she started a small boutique from her house in India, she was bombarded with all kinds of clothing and beauty questions from her friends. She immediately realized that she needs to think bigger and help women of all shapes, size, and budget in finding their dream outfit.

Kavitha moved to US in 2015 and in 2016 joined Magic Mist (Amit’s first startup). Next 4 years of experience in every aspect of running a business gave her the confidence to start something new in the field she was passionate about. So she partnered with Amit to start Amitha (Amit + Kavitha) in 2021.

 Amitha’s goal is to create an experience for every woman to feel beautiful.

 Kavitha is also an accomplished Kathak dancer. In addition to performing on stage many times, she loves to teach dancing to children and often has choreographed dance performances in different events.

Kavitha has very deep love for animals. She has been associated with Rescue Animal shelters for a long time. She has 2 pets – Chester and Molly (both rescue cats) whom she brought with her from India to US. She is a strict vegetarian.

Kavitha has double Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering and Psychology.


Amit Aggarwal



Serial entrepreneur with deep business experience in multiple industries

As somebody who always dreamt of running his own business, Amit started his first company related to e-commerce back in 1998. Quick realization that making money in business is harder than just having a technical experience pushed him to go for an MBA. Few more unsuccessful attempts to start a company during and after his MBA, did not deter him to continue his passion.

Amit started his first successful business in 2011 with couple of friends. Hard work and long hours helped him to grow the company quickly. Within a few years, he bought/started couple of more businesses in different industries and continues to run/manage them.

One of Amit’s biggest asset has been his key employee and friend – Kavitha. So when Kavitha came up with an idea of Amitha Fashions, it was an easy decision to start this new venture. Amitha was launched in May’ 2021 after a couple of trips to India to meet different suppliers and weavers across the country.

A strong believer in giving back and one who understands the value of education, Amit’s philanthropic journey started when he sponsored a child in a school for laborer class in India. Since then he is has been involved with multiple social organizations focused on education of poor kids in India. In addition to funds, Amit is actively involved in these organizations.

Amit has Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT and MBA from the University of Chicago.