What is Pichwai art?

What is Pichwai art?

Kavitha Rao

Pichwai is a Sanskrit word in which "Pich" stands for back and "Wai" stands for hanging. Pichwai paintings are referred to Mewar style textile paintings.

Pichwai art has risen to prominence in recent years among other pigmented painted textiles. These designs are now being incorporated into sarees, kurtas and shawls by artisans.

For a person brought up in India, it's not uncommon to have grown up listening to the glorious stories of lord Krishna. There's an artform specialized to depict these tales of Krishna. Following picture is an example of Pichwai painting on a saree.

Pichwai painting is created on a piece of handspun cotton through few steps. First, the sketches of the paintings are created and later these images are painted using only organic paints, colors and natural brushes. Coals, Indigo, Silver are some of the significant sources of natural colors used for the Pichwai paintings.

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03 Jan